Decorex 2016: September 18-21

I have the pleasure of attending Decorex International at Syon Park, just outside of London. The event hosts thousands of design professionals and many brands preview their collections. Aside from exhibitors, industry leaders will discuss relevant topics in the luxury home goods sector and over 50 seminars are being held over the course of the four day event.

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The Importance of Quality Sleep

Today, we’re inundated with information about how to get a good night’s rest. An infinite number of magazine articles, websites, and blogs cover this hot topic regularly and it has become a growing concern among hard-working professionals who average about six hours and thirty-six minutes of sleep a night.  Are we getting enough sleep? What can we do to get better quality sleep? And what are some modern approaches to making the most of our time in the sheets?


Not surprisingly, a good night’s rest starts with a comfortable mattress, pillows, and sheets. Focusing on individual needs and preferences is a must. Too many marketers have convinced consumers that quality comes down to thread count, when in fact, quality is determined on so many levels: the length of the fibers used, the type of fiber, the weave, and so on. Some individuals may prefer a higher thread count of a very thin fiber, whilst others may sleep better with a softer fiber and lower thread count which allows for more breathability. At the end of the day, just like fine art, it comes down to individual preference.

Here are a few tips for making the most of your time in bed:

  1.  Invest in high quality bedding. We spend over a third of our lives in bed – linens are not something to skimp on. That said, the great thing about luxury linens is that they don’t have to be inaccessibly priced. There are countless brands today that offer high-end bedding starting from $300. It is worth while doing some research before you invest. Industry giants, like Frette, charge thousands of dollars for a set of bed linens and claim to produce their products in Italy, but most are manufactured in China and simply finished in Italy. Many smaller boutique brands offer a higher quality for substantially less.
  2. Choose a pillow firmness that matches your sleep style. Down pillows offer the greatest luxury and, unless you suffer from allergies, they are considered the best choice. Stomach sleepers should choose a softer low profile adjustable pillow. Back sleepers would do well with a medium thickness pillow. Side sleepers should consider a medium-high thickness pillow. It’s all about cradling your neck and adjusting your spine to a neutral position.
  3. Choose a sheet set that’s right for you. Some individuals prefer the ease of a fitted sheet and duvet, whilst others insist on having a flat sheet and a blanket. Focus on what is comfortable for your needs and preferences.


Image: Undolock

Defining Luxury & Luxury Home Goods

Having studied the luxury industry and become an expert in the field of luxury home goods, it is valuable to open this blog with a conversation on the definition of luxury and luxury home goods.


The term and concept of luxury was once easy to define but it has taken on different meanings over time. Today, the meaning of the term luxury has become diluted and has taken on many forms due to its democratization. The question “What is luxury?” can be answered in countless ways. The responses are relative to personal beliefs and are closely linked to one’s socio-economic status and culture. More importantly, what constitutes luxury for one, may not be luxury for another. Ultimately, luxury is an experience which is unique to each individual.

The luxury industry is primarily focused on creating needs that consumers do not know exist. Luxury products are not necessities; they are personal pleasures and the majority of luxury purchases are inspired by more than a need. One may need a car for transportation purposes, but one does not need that car to be a Ferrari in order to get from point A to point B. This argument frames luxury in a specific and unique way and allows us to define it in a somewhat metaphorical sense.

The role of luxury is to sell dreams. As Jean-Noel Kapferer, one of the great experts in the field explains, “Luxury evokes the notion of rarity and of access to the privileged life.” Therefore, luxury is largely concentrated on creating products that tap the emotional side of consumers. In order to do that, luxury brands focus on long-term value, rather than becoming a bestseller.


I define luxury home products as those which have been created with the utmost respect for the material, craftsman, and customer. These products highlight an individual’s skill and ability to work with their hands to create fine and delicate products that are available in limited quantities. These products are generally created with rare materials such as antique lace, high quality, durable and expensive cotton, and are finished by the hand of a highly skilled artisan who shares an appreciation for the product.

This blog will focus on highlighting luxury home products and showcasing them in their purest forms. We will review products, discuss hot topics in the industry, and talk about all things related to bedding, towels, and tableware. Welcome to the world of Anne France Home!